Printmaking Handbooks

A&C Black’s Printmaking Handbook Series was conceived as an introduction to various topics and techniques relating to making prints. The books are aimed at the student or the practised printmaker who is experimenting in a new area. All of these, plus 8 more, can be found in the NE section of the library.

Installations and Experimental Printmaking  

“this book explores new experimental forms of printmaking, including the usage of photo-emulsion, glass and paper, Perspex and paint stripper, printing with sand and digital prints mounted on relief surfaces. This volume also considers the role of the moving image, encaustic (wax) techniques for printing, transferring, collaging and combining traditional prints with wax.”

Intaglio Printmaking

“Although intaglio techniques are usually labeled traditional, they are also among the most popular and widely used techniques in contemporary printmaking. This book introduces the reader to both the direct and indirect techniques and shows examples of an international range of artists whose work will serve as inspiration.”


Creating Artists Books

“This is a practical guide for visual artists who are interested in producing their work in the artist’s book format. It examines the history, methods and practicalities involved in making an artist’s book, using many examples of the work of contemporary artists as illustration.”


Collagraphs and Mixed Media Printmaking 

“Collagraphs are prints made from collages; relief sculptures; carved, stripped, or layered plates; or mixed media. In this book, the authors describe a wide range of collagraph techniques, providing the user with practical help on the choice of materials and printing methods to achieve the best results.”


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