Veil: Veiling, Representation, and Contemporary Art ( GT 1380 .V45 2003 )  Veil, which accompanies an exhibition organized by the Institute of International Visual Arts in London, explores the representation of the veil in contemporary visual arts. Providing a context for the commissioned essays are a number of classical historical texts crossing religions, cultures, genders, and ages—from Greek myths to articles published in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. Some of the contemporary artists and scholars write autobiographically about the meaning of the veil in their lives. Others take a more political approach, discussing, for example, how the events of September 11 changed the use and reception of veil imagery throughout the world. Still others take a historical approach, examining how nineteenth-century technological developments in travel and photography led to photographic depictions of both the veiled and unveiled body in relation to landscape. A number of essays look at the art historical precedents for the current interest in artwork addressing the veil, while others examine how codes of modesty and gender segregation have affected the making and viewing of films in postrevolutionary Iran.

Demons, Yarns and Tales: Tapestries by Contemporary Artists ( NK 3007.86  .D46 2008 ) Fifteen internationally renowned artists explore a medium foreign to their usual practise, experimenting within the lost world of wall-hanging tapestry. Three years in the making, the fourteen tapestries in Demons, Yarns and Tales address a range of subjects from fictive landscapes and architectural abstraction to fashion and flora while considering the politics of race, gender, international conflict and the environment. Adjusting to the new medium while adapting to unfamiliar textures and surfaces, each artist has found ways to expand their practice and develop the ongoing themes in their work. Demons, Yarns and Tales sees them translate familiar languages of paint, paper, pencil, ink on canvas, ceramics or wood panel into that of hand woven stitch and silk thread. The artists included in the book are Ghada Amer & Reza Farkhondeh, avaf, Peter Blake, Jaime Gili, Gary Hume, Francesca Lowe, Beatriz Milhazes, Paul Noble, Grayson Perry, Shahzia Sikander, Fred Tomaselli, Gavin Turk, Julie Verhoeven and Kara Walker.


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