New DVDs

Vasya (Video Sitni .S58 .V389 2002 DVD) Vasiliy Sitnikov is a man without a passport, officially declared insane and having spent his life in and out of mental institutions. Yet, he is the key figure of the non-conformist art movement in the former Soviet Union.

Edward Hopper (Video .H75 E38 2007 DVD)  new documentary produced by the National Gallery of Art features archival footage of Edward Hopper (1882–1967), including places that inspired him in New York and New England, his boyhood home in Nyack, and his studio on Washington Square, where he lived and worked for more than 50 years. Narrated by actor and art collector Steve Martin, this film traces Hopper’s varied influences, from French impressionism to the gangster films of the 1930s. Artists Red Grooms and Eric Fischl discuss Hopper’s influence on their careers.

Alex Katz: What About Style (Video Katz .K33 .A43 2008 DVD) For over 50 years, painter Alex Katz has bucked the trends and fashions of modern art to present his own style of figure painting. His flat, elegant, and realistic style makes him a pioneer in figure painting but an unsung hero to the general public. What About Style? offers an unflinching portrait of a maverick artist.

Bruce Nauman: Make Me Think (Video Nauma .N38 B776 2008x DVD) Visit the challenging world of Bruce Nauman, a multi-faceted artist who believes that the importance of a work of art is in the process of making it. With this philosophy at the core of his work, he became a major player in the conceptual art movements of the 20th century.

Gustav Courbet (Video Courb .C9 G87 2007 DVD) In Gustave Courbet, French filmmaker Romain Goupil gets at the heart of this legendary artist and uncovers what drove him to pursue the controversial style known as realism. Painting with passion and purpose, he walked a decidedly different path than other artists who chose the academy style that was the standard for the day.

Louise Bourgeois (Video Bourg .B65 .L68 2008 DVD) Sculptor Louise Bourgeois lifts the veil on her life and work in this revealing portrait of a modern artist. Focusing on themes of sexuality, femininity, and isolation, her work has been associated with all the major artistic movements of the 20th century, but Bourgeois never let her work get stalled by the tenets and dogma of any one movement. In a career that spanned 50 years, she was always at the vanguard, moving from painting to sculpture and finally to performance art


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