Sophie Jodoin

Two catalogs from past Visiting Artist Sophie Jodoin.

“Born in Montreal in 1965, Sophie Jodoin received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Concordia University in 1988 and then studied anatomy at the New York Academy of Art. Sophie was one of the few artists selected to represent Montreal for “Made in Canada: Contemporary Art in Montreal”, an exhibition at the Plattsburgh State University Museum in New York.

On her own paintings, Sophie Jodoin comments:

“I’m interested in more emotional moods, atmospheres, so these large standing figures are of people I know. We all feel vulnerable and fragile. We’re basically alone. No matter what, you have to be strong to face whatever- living, loving, working- everything.”

Sophie’s paintings have been widely exhibited across Canada, the United States and Europe in both group and solo shows. Her work can be found in both private and public collections throughout North America and Europe. Sophie Jodoin currently resides and works in the Montreal area.
Sophie Jodoin 

(M Jodoi .J585 A4 2000)
Essay by Dario De Facendis
Exhibition Catalogue:  Bellefeuille Gallery, November 4 – 16, 2000
Text in both English and French
56 pages, 35 colour reproductions


Sophie Jodoin–Drawing Shadows: portraits of my mother

(M Jodoi .J585 A4 2004)
Essay by Bernard Lamarche
Text in both English and Frenc
48 pages, 13 colour reproductions


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