New DVD — Picasso

Picasso: Magic, Sex, Death (Video Picas .P5 P53 2001 DVD)

Offering a comprehensive look at the artist’s life, Picasso: Magic, Sex, Death examines the influences and secrets behind many of Picasso’s masterworks. In this documentary, John Richardson, biographer and friend of Picasso, looks at the impact the themes of magic, sex, and death had on the artist’s life and work. “

“Part I of this film investigates the effect mystic rituals and the occult had on Picasso’s work by looking at the artist’s childhood in Spain and his life in Paris through the end of his Cubist period. Richardson brings a new twist to some of the more intriguing issues surrounding Picasso’s life and achievements.”   

 Part II of this film navigates the many women in Picasso’s life to the time of his death in 1973. Focusing on the artist’s relationships—from his wife Olga Koklova to his many mistresses—Richardson examines the various depictions of women and sex in Picasso’s vast oeuvre and discusses the last years of his life, those marked with an ongoing struggle to remain youthful and vigorous. The film includes an intriguing look at the masterpiece Guernica, with an introspective interpretation of the famous painting as a commentary on Picasso’s own love life and concludes with a revealing contribution by one of the artist’s lovers and subjects, Françoise Gilot.” 


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