Works, Writings, Interviews

The Works, Writings, Interviews books from Ediciones Poligrafa are terrific overviews of the lives and careers of artists like Tapies, Rauschenberg and de Kooning, and each contains dozens of color images.

They also contain invaluable examples of each artist writing about their own work, and will be extremely helpful in writing your own artist statements.

Robert Rauschenberg (M Rausc .R27 H86 2006) by Sam Hunter contains Rauschenberg’s writings “Statement” from 1958, “Note on Painting” from 1963, and “Photographs” from 1981, as well as interviews with Alain Sayag and richard Kostelanetz.

Willem de Kooning (M de Koo .D334 A4 2007) by Sally Yard features some of de Kooning’s most remarkable writings (“The Renaissance and Order”, “Drawings”,”A Desperate View”) , and interviews with Harold Rosenberg and James T. Valliere.

Jean Dubuffet (M Dubuf .D78 D33 2006) by Fabrice Hergott and Valerie da Costa contains the writings “Let’s Make Some Room for Uncivic Behavior” and “Anticultural Positions”, as well as interviews for television and radio (with Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes).

Alberto Giacometti (M Giacon.G4 G66 2006b) contains Giacometti’s written testimony and reflections ( including those from his Surrealist period), which are remarkable for their aptness and their poetic quality. In them he pours out his doubts, his suffering and his hopes as a creator as artists have rarely been capable of doing. Reproduced here are: Silent Mobile Objects (1931); I Can Only Speak Indirectly of My Sculptures (1933); and Letter to Pierre Matisse (1948). The book also reprints two interviews: one with Pierre Schneider, My Long March (1961), and the other with Andre Parinaud, Why Am I a Sculptor? (1962). 

Antoni Tapies (M Tapie .T3 I75 2006) This collection of the artist’s writings (“Communication on the Wall”,”Nothing is Paltry” and “Painting and the Void”) is available here for the first time in English. An interview (“The Tattoo and the Body”)with Manuel Borja-Villel, Director of the MACBA in Spain, completes the volume.


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