Imagination Becomes Reality…again

Over the past two years the five-part exhibition cycle of the Goetz Collection in Munich “Imagination Becomes Reality” has considered the extensive influence of painting on the other arts. By means of the confrontation and contrast of works of contemporary artists, their techniques and forms of expression have become perceptible and the similarities as well as the differences of the diverse media have become clear. The exhibition is divided into thematic groups such as New Media, Architecture and Spatial Experience, Narrativity, Borrowings and Subjective Appropriation, and five to ten artists are presented in each part.

We already own Imagination Becomes Reality Part III: Talking Pictures [N 6758.6 .T35 2006x] and Imagination Becomes Reality Part IV: Borrowed Images [N6758.6 B67 2006x] and now we just added Volume 1, Expanded Paint Tools [N678.6 .E93 2005], containg the work of Franz Ackermann, Mathilde ter Heijne, Tal R, Jorg Sasse, and Thomas Scheibitz.

Collector Ingvild Goetz on the concept behind her exhibition:

“A key aim of Expanded Paint Tools is to demonstrate that painting is an established part of contemporary art. There has always been painting – and talk of a rebirth of painting seems illogical to me, as it has never ceased to be something artists did. At times it was more popular, at others less popular. Sometimes the public couldn’t get enough of it, at others they ignored it.

In my view it is nevertheless time for painting to be considered part of artistic output in all media. For many of the works exhibited, classifications such as painting, sculpture, photography, film and video have long been inappropriate, since most artists no longer see themselves as just painters, photographers or sculptors. This is what Expanded Paint Tools is mainly about. Border zones between the different media have long been fluid, and traditional terminology is no longer capable of demarcating them.”


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