DVDs — Sculpture of the Louvre

Sculptures of the Louvre Video NB27.F7 S38578 2006 DVD

“From its beginnings as a royal fortress to the magnificent structure we see today, the Louvre Museum embodies the concept of that of a universal institution. Dedicated to conservation, restoration and the development of artistic treasures from all over the world, the Louvre welcomes over 6 million visitors through its doors each year and houses 35,000 works of art.

Sculptures of the Louvre is a 7-part series highlighting masterpieces of sculpture on exhibit. Each piece is put into its historical context – enabling a better understanding of the sculpture itself as well as the artistic movement that inspired it.  3 Discs, 192 Minutes.

Slaves of Michelangelo
In 1513 Michelangelo began work on two male figures for the Mausoleum of Pope Julian II in St. Peter’s Rome. The two masterpieces remain unfinished, uniquely revealing Michelangelo’s genius.

The Horses of Marly
The two sculptures were made by Royal command forty years apart for the Chateau of Marly. Both technically comparable – the differences in treatment reveal the stylistic developments of the period.

The Vénus de Milo
Perhaps the most famous of all Greek classical sculptures, the Venus de Milo was recovered in 1820. But very little is known of its origin – even its subject is uncertain.

Bulls of Khorsabad
These Winged Bulls of King Sargon II from 1900 BC are amongst the greatest masterpieces of Assyrian art.

Cupid and Psyché
At the end of the 18th Century the great Italian sculptor Antonio Canova brought back life to this ancient legend.

Ramses II
Discovered at the ancient Egyptian site of Tanis, this statue is one of the most famous of all Egyptian royal sculptures but doubt exists to this day as to its real subject.

Mary Magdalene
This was a very popular subject in the Middle Ages, representing the redemption of the female sinner. ” — Amazon


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