DVD — Kenneth Anger

The Films of Kenneth Anger Volume 1 ( Video Anger .A1 A6 2007 DVD )

From The Village Voice ” The latest blast from the avant-garde cannon, The Films of Kenneth Anger: Volume One, arrives this on DVD in a terrific package from Fantoma. Proto-pop genius, gay maverick, hardcore occultist, master of montage, and, through his pioneering use of unauthorized pop songs and intensity of vision, one of the most influential filmmakers of the 20th century, Kenneth Anger is a cornerstone of the American avant-garde and a gift that keeps on giving. This long-overdue DVD crests a wave of fresh critical interest: 2004 saw the publication of an invaluable scholarly monograph on his life and works by Alice L. Hutchison, and 2006 offered a screening of Anger’s latest short, Mouse Heaven (2002), in the Whitney Biennial. Scrupulously restored and transferred in high definition, the DVD is a dream come true for newbies, devotees, students, scholars, artists, stoners, black magicians, fetishists, and Martin Scorsese.” You can see the trailer here.


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