What’s hot on Wikipedia?

Wikirage is a site that lists the pages in Wikipedia which are receiving the most edits per unique editor over various periods of time. Popular people in the news, the latest fads, and the hottest video games can be quickly identified by monitoring this social phenomenon. You can check out the last hour, 6 hours, day, week or month.

The cartoon at the top of the page is pretty funny too.

The top ten of the last day as of this post are…

1. Anita Roddick

2. Jane Wyman

3. Asafa Powell

4. Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band…

5. Deaths in 2007

6. 2007 MTV Video Music Awar…

7. Kevin Everett

8. Britney Spears’s fifth st…

9. David Petraeus

10. Tito Ortiz


Nikola Smolenski has calculated how much paper it would take to print out the English entries in Wikipedia as she has displayed graphically below.

“Using volumes 25cm high and 5cm thick (some 400 pages), each page having two columns, each columns having 80 rows, and each row having 50 characters, ≈ 6MB per volume. As English Wikipedia has around 7.5GB of text (August 2007, length of wikitext counted by myself) ≈ 1250 volumes. Note that this is a conservative estimate, as it doesn’t include images, tables etc. which take up more surface than the text which describes them. LINK



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