New Books

 Raymond Pettibon: Whatever It Is You’re Looking For, You Won’ t Find It Here  (M Petti .P49 A4 2006) Cult artist Raymond Pettibon was first recognized outside of the art scene for creating flyers, concert posters and album covers for the independent record label SST, owned by his brother, Greg Ginn. But he soon distanced himself from the Californian hardcore punk scene and developed, sometimes in books, sometimes on single sheets, his “Tragedie humaine,” which has continued to chip away at America’s understanding of itself, deconstructing popular myths in a disturbing connection of image and text, for many decades now.  In these black-and-white drawings (which occasionally use red bullet wounds for contrast) and in later, color-intensive work, he discovers an enigmatic, cannibalistic world, whose grotesque distortion reveals hidden truths about our own, without completely exposing its secrets. Whatever It Is You’re Looking For, You Won’t Find It Here includes more than 500 of his drawings and documentation of a 50-foot long mural, alongside an interview with the artist and two essays.

Odd Nerdrum: Themes (M Nerdr .N47 A4 2007) Themes is the most comprehensive collection of Odd Nerdrum’s works ever published. Its 500 pages are filled with sketches, drawings and studies, along with excellent reproductions of the artist’s most important and most recent finished works. A wide selection of close-up details offers the tightest possible view of Nerdrum’s brushstrokes

By Hand : The Use of Craft in Contemporary Art (N 6498 .H36 B93 2007)
In a response to the sleek forms and perfect angles of most late twentieth century design objects, many of today’s artists and designers are returning to handmade work such as hand lettering, hand drawing, and hand sewing. By Hand features an international collection of the most noteworthy artists and shows their work in detailed photography and insightful texts. From Kiki Smith’s lovingly etched birds to Barb Hunt’s knitted land mines to dynamo-ville’s oneof- a-kind puppets to Evil Twin’s hand-stitched publications, today’s art revels in the care and consideration of craft. “Hung and Magliaro have organized an engaging assortment of works that possess direct appeal and personal vision. Low-tech methods–some combined with digital processes–provide entry points into thoughtful, fresh, and even silly textiles.” (Jan./Feb. 2007) Fiber Arts


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