Simply the most complete view to date of the work of this preeminent figure in the art of our time, Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years ( M Serra .S46 A4 2007 ) offers a detailed presentation of his entire career, from his early experiments with materials like rubber, neon, and lead to the environmentally scaled steel works of recent years, including three monumental new sculptures created for the exhibition that this book accompanies. Includes 381 tritone illustrations.  You can view the online exhibition here.

Set in Stone: The Face in Medieval Sculpture ( NB 1932 .S48 2006 ) presents more than 80 medieval sculpted heads, half from the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and half selected loans from American and European collections. Because historical events isolated these objects from their original settings, they became objects that could be collected, and objects whose lost histories curators and scholars would hope to recover. The exhibition considers several artistic and historic themes, including: the destruction of statues as an act of iconoclasm, the evolving notions of the “portrait,” the use of science in the search for provenance, and more. Created from materials as diverse as marble, limestone, polychromed wood, and silver gilt, the carved heads date from the third century A.D. through the early 1500s and represent French, German, Italian, Spanish, Byzantine, English, and other medieval sculptural traditions. The exhibition draws together science, connoisseurship, archaeology, and history to examine these stunning works from different points of reference. The Met’s webpage for this exhibition (including images and audiofiles) can be found here.


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