New Books — Imagination Becomes Reality

Over the past two years the five-part exhibition cycle of the Goetz Collection in Munich “Imagination Becomes Reality” has considered the extensive influence of painting on the other arts. By means of the confrontation and contrast of works of contemporary artists, their techniques and forms of expression have become perceptible and the similarities as well as the differences of the diverse media have become clear. The exhibition is divided into thematic groups such as New Media, Architecture and Spatial Experience, Narrativity, Borrowings and Subjective Appropriation, and five to ten artists are presented in each part.

Imagination Becomes Reality Part III: Talking Pictures

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Talking Pictures is the third, central component of a five-part cycle titled Imagination Becomes Reality, produced by the renowned Goetz Collection. Here the focus shifts to contemporary narrative images, less actual “talking pictures”, films or videos, than other visual media–paintings, for instance–engaged in an exchange with the viewer. When painting used comprehensible set symbols, compositions, atmospheres or motifs, the work was readable not only individually but also intersubjectively. Nowadays, the question arises as to what visual elements are readable at all. Talking Pictures endeavors to illustrate through the works of Nigel Cooke, Peter Doig, Inka Essenhigh, William Kentridge, Jochen Kuhn, Rosilene Luduvico, Michael Raedecker, Hiroshi Sugito and David Thorpe how pictures, although mute, may also become “talking pictures” that confront the viewer with precise, specific statements. The works included have a lot to tell, and the more profoundly we delve into them, the more we will recognize ourselves in the stories.

Imagination Becomes Reality Part IV: Borrowing Images

N 6758.6 .B67 2006x 

The fourth of the Imagination Becomes Reality exhibitions reinforces the impression that despite the equal status accorded to all artistic media, painterly strategies continue to take a key role in sculpture, photography and even video. Then again, painting itself has long breached its classic confines in a very undogmatic fashion so as to give rise to new pictorial visions that are exciting and unusual not only in subject matter but also technically.
Featuring Olaf Breuning, Andre Butzer, Barnaby Furnas, Wade Guyton, Kelley Walker, Thomas Helbig, Mark Leckey, Ivan Morley, Markus Selg and Thaddeus Strode.


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