New Books

 The Expanded Eye: Stalking the Unseen by Bice Curiger

N6494 .O6 E96 2006

“The exhibition “The Expanded Eye” turns the spotlight on the adventurous, explorative side of art. It focuses on the widened horizons of our vision in an age when the capacities of the human eye have been expanded both physiologically and technically—and in so doing it plays with the viewer’s perceptions. Four decades after the exhibition “The Responsive Eye” (1965 in the Museum of Modern Art, New York), which presented Op Art to the viewing public, the artist’s eye is still forging ahead, with relish and abandon. It reaches heights and depths, it extends into micro and macro realms and, with its liberated gaze, forays into terrain that is self-evidently or unexpectedly new. The title chosen by Curator Bice Curiger is also a reference to the book “The Expanded Cinema” (1970), which investigates new departures in experimental film and structural analysis, and the way that seeing and experiencing broke free from cinematic clichés.Kunsthaus Zürich is showing 120 works, kinetic objects, paintings, films, spatial and video installations from the 1940s to the present day. Besides Op Art by Bridget Riley, works by the Surrealist Salvador Dalí and the video artist Nam June Paik, there are also new pieces by younger artists such as Pierre Huyghe and Sam Taylor-Wood. The programme of accompanying events includes screenings of films in their original 16-mm format, and even outside the Museum, in Heimplatz, the intriguing nature of this exhibition is apparent in the mirrored, walk-in sculpture “Don’t Miss a Sec” by Monica Bonvicini, which you should definitely make time for.”

 Malerei der Gegenwart : zurück zur Figur 

ND 1290 .M34 2006

Back to the Figure. Contemporary Painting

“Figurative painting has been booming the last ten years. The demand on the international art market is unflagging, above all for the so-called „Leipzig School”. Numerous shows have been dedicated to particular positions or groups, but were mostly confined to Germany. „Back to the Figure – Contemporary Painting” presents this tendency for the first time on a large international scale. The exhibition was conceived by the Munich Kunsthalle of the Hypo Cultural Foundation and now appears on its second venue in Burgdorf. It offers a representative sample of current figurative painting with more than 40 artists from 12 countries.The paintings on display were selected according to two main criteria. Firstly, the exhibition concentrates entirely on the image of human beings; secondly, it is strictly limited to contemporary production. „Young art instead of young artists” is the motto. The age of the artist was not the deciding factor in the selection process, but the dating of the piece. All the paintings in the show were produced in the 21st century.The exhibition spawns interesting discourses between the different generations that it encompasses: the most recent works of predecessors and successors, teachers and students are displayed side by side. The paintings spanning from the exhibition’s oldest artist, Maria Lassnig (born 1919), to the youngest, Johannes Tiepelmann (born 1979), form a colorful kaleidoscope of figurative painting in the 21st century.”


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