Free online file conversion

 Zamzar is a terrific site I’ve been using which “allows you to transform your songs, videos, images and documents into a variety of different formats. Using Zamzar you can:

  • Make your PDF documents editable by converting them to MS Word
  • Convert your ITunes (aac) files to mp3
  • Upload up to 5 files at a time to convert simultaneously
  • Take advantage of over 150 different conversion types !

Zamzar can convert video files to a format playable on IPod video players . The following formats are currently supported, with plans to add more soon: avi (Windows video file), flv (Flash video), gvi (Google video file), mov (Apple QuickTime Movie), mp4 (MPEG-4 video file), mpg (Moving Picture Experts Group file) .”  Here’s an extensive list of all the formats they support


5 Responses to “Free online file conversion”

  1. a Says:


  2. marcos Says:

    great website

  3. woody briggs Says:

    need to convert a file

  4. woody briggs Says:

    great website

  5. Sotomayor Says:

    Thanks everything

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