New addition to the ARTstor Digital Library: Detroit Institute of the Arts

From the announcement: 

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of more than 1,700 images from the Detroit Institute of the Arts in ARTstor. These join the approximately 100,000 images from the former AMICO Library now available through ARTstor. The Detroit Institute of the Arts is home to some 60,000 works of art, collectively constituting a survey of human creativity from prehistory through the 21st century. The DIA’s collection is particularly strong in European painting, Italian Renaissance sculpture, French decorative art, African art, American painting, and Islamic textiles.

Among the DIA’s highlights that are now available in ARTstor are Fra Angelico’s Annunciatory Angel and Virgin Annunciate of 1450/1455, as well as the same artist’s slightly earlier Madonna and Child; Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s The Wedding Dance; Jacob van Ruisdael’s The Jewish Cemetery; and the first van Gogh painting to enter a U.S. museum, the Self Portrait of 1887.

[The first time you use ArtStor you must be on campus]. 

To browse these images, please click on “Image Gallery” on the ARTstor “Welcome Page” and then select “Detroit Institute of the Arts.”


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